West Chester Railroad Co is a historic railroad company located in the heart of Pennsylvania. Founded in 1854, the company has a rich history of serving the community and the region. Today, the company is a vital part of the local economy, providing jobs and supporting businesses. Learn more here.

The company’s main line runs from Philadelphia to Harrisburg and operates a branch line from West Chester to Lancaster. The company’s operations focus on freight service, but it also offers passenger service on its main line. Learn more about A Visit to the American Helicopter Museum is a Great Way to Spend a Day in Pennsylvania.

West Chester Railroad Co is an essential part of the local community. The company’s headquarters are located in the borough of West Chester, and its operations support businesses and jobs throughout the region. The company is a significant employer in the area, with more than 400 employees.

The company’s impact on the local economy is significant. In addition to the jobs it supports, the company also generates tax revenue for the region. West Chester Railroad Co is one of the largest taxpayers in Chester County, paying more than $5 million in taxes each year.

West Chester Railroad Co ships various goods, including food, paper products, and chemicals. The company’s freight services are essential to businesses in the region, and its passenger services provide a vital link between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. The company’s operations also support businesses throughout the region.