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Install ADA-Compliant Ramps in West Chester, PA

ACA Remodeling provides ADA-compliant ramp installation services for residential needs. Ramps allow disabled residents to move safely in your home. They also provide the necessary traction needed for crutches, walkers, and other walking aids.

We recognize that to create ADA-compliant structures, and we must meet ADA ramp slope and width specifications to facilitate easy mobility. Our trained technicians have comprehensive knowledge of the latest ADA guidelines and codes.

Whether your installation needs are minor or extensive, our experts can make your home disability-friendly in no time. Give your disabled relative the freedom to enter, exit, and move around safely and efficiently with high-grade ramp installations.

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Our Ramps Meet ADA Specifications

We install ramps compliant with the Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications, handicap access guidelines, and other relevant codes. ADA guidelines are mandatory for most residential ramp installations. We use the guidelines as a reference to ensure maximum safety and accessibility.

Our ramps come with 4.8-degree slopes. Additionally, we pay critical attention to the width and height requirements and ensure our installations are unobstructed.

Our Ramps Accommodate All Wheelchairs and Aids

Disabled residents can access the ramp easily without excess physical strain or worries about losing wheelchair control. Residents who use other walking aids can walk up and down with minimal effort. Additionally, a ramp makes lives easier for people with cognitive and dexterity issues, arthritis, vision impairment, chronic pain, and other mobility issues.

Our ramps accommodate manual wheelchairs, transport chairs, knee walkers, and power chairs.

We Use Slip-Resistant Material

Prevent residential slip and fall injuries with high-traction ramps. Your disabled relative can move confidently and comfortably. Residents with vision impairment or mobility issues can live more comfortably with our ramp installations. Simple routine tasks like entering or leaving the house, indoor commute, or going upstairs are now accessible and risk-free.

Customers can choose rubber, corrosion-free metal, or wooden materials. We pay special attention to material quality and durability. In addition, we install grab-bars and ramp handrails in transitional areas to improve ease of mobility.

Efficient Installations

Our trained experts evaluate your home layout and requirements before building the ramps required. Factors like doorway size and overall design are vital to accessibility. Barrier-free installations and doorway enlargement improve comfort. We also install high-quality curb ramps to guarantee smooth transitioning to and from lower surfaces.

Our experts also consider factors like clearance and space efficiency. As a result, a disabled relative can steer the wheelchair easily, make turns, and transition to higher or lower-level surfaces smoothly with our structures. Whether you want a threshold ramp, folding ramp, suitcase ramp to help the resident transfer to a car or vehicle, permanent ramp, or modular ramp, we cover all your needs at competitive rates.

Make Your Home Accessible with ADA Compliant Ramps

At ACA Remodeling, we aim to provide affordable ramp installation and repair solutions to West Chester, PA, residents. Our ADA-compliant ramp structures offer easy mobility, functionality, and safety. Call us at (610) 692-7188 to schedule an appointment or explore our range of services.