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Reliable ADA-Compliant Bathroom Remodeling Services for West Chester, PA, Residents

ADA-compliant bathroom redesigning helps physically disabled residents and seniors live more comfortably. Our team of certified professionals at ACA Remodeling can make your bathrooms safer and more accessible for individuals with mobility issues, chronic pain, and disabilities.

Whether you want to install barrier-free shower spaces, grab bars, slip-resistant tiles, or high-accessibility toilets, no task is too challenging for our experts. Additionally, our top-rated contractors have extensive knowledge of ADA codes and protocols.

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Painting and Lighting

Prevent slips and falls with disability-friendly lighting and painting. ADA-compliant lighting improves safety. People with vision impairment, cognitive issues, dexterity issues, and mobility issues need high-quality bathroom lighting. Our experts ensure your bathrooms are well-lit with strategically placed task lights, dimmers, motion-detecting lights, rope lights, and shower lights.

We also provide ADA-complaint painting services. Even individuals with vision impairment can detect differences between highly contrasting colors. In addition, we use bright, high-visibility shades to make bathrooms disability-friendly.

Installations and Fixtures

Whether you want to install a high-accessibility bathroom vanity or pragmatic grab bars in transitional areas, our trained staff can finish the job in no time. Additionally, our experts will help you choose installations like height-adjusted, comfortable, handicap-friendly toilets and medicine cabinets. We also ensure that the structures and fixtures are wheelchair-friendly and positioned non-obstructively.

Walk-in Tubs and Barrier Free Showers

Our shower seats, barrier-free showers, sinks, countertops, and tubs are specially designed to meet ADA guidelines. These installations are the game-changers for your disabled or senior relative. Our tubs and showers facilitate easy entry and exit. Placing grab bars at convenient positions near showers and tubs makes your space more accessible and safer for disabled individuals.

Non-Slip Tiles

Non-slip, ADA-complaint tiles provide traction for crutches, wheelchairs, and walkers in bathrooms. Also, consider installing wheelchair ramps if a resident has mobility issues and uses wheelchairs. We understand that a white bathroom requires more upkeep. Hence, our slip-resistant tiles come in a range of vision-friendly colors and styles.

Doorway Enlargement

Enlarging doorways will enhance the accessibility of your space. Calculated doorway placement and intelligent layout redesign are critical if you have a powder room. We also ensure there is enough space for a disabled individual to move around. A wide doorway prevents collisions and related injuries.

Bathroom Remodeling

ADA-compliant, disability-friendly bathrooms are safe and functional. Our remodeling specialists provide complete bathroom remodeling services. From minor alterations to elaborate renovations that enhance the bathroom feel, our certified staff can handle all your needs perfectly.

ADA guidelines and compliances are not just about fixtures or a particular bathroom accessory. Your bathroom’s layout, size, and location also play vital roles. We consider factors like clearance, thresholds, floor-space dimensions, and radius to ensure full compliance.

Work with Our Trusted Experts for Disability-Friendly Bathrooms

At ACA Remodeling, West Chester, PA, we focus on functionality, safety, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal. We offer high-quality ADA-accessible bathroom remodeling services to make your bathrooms disability-friendly. Learn more about our ADA-complaint remodeling services by calling at (610) 692-7188 today!