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ADA-Compliant Kitchen for Retrofits and New Construction Services in West Chester, PA

Let certified pros transform your living space with ADA-Compliant kitchen remodeling services. ACA Remodeling offers the finest accessible modification solutions. Whether you need a kitchen for retrofits or new construction services, our top-rated employees can upgrade your living experience. We also ensure that your ADA-compliant kitchen continues to look sleek and impressive.

Upgrade your kitchen with unobstructed counter spaces, disability-efficient layouts, accessible cabinets, and barrier-free open floor plans. Additionally, we offer full-spectrum modification services to make your kitchen disability-friendly.

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Installation of Accessible Cabinets

We install accessible cabinets to minimize physical strain. The cabinets come with specially engineered toe-kick features and elaborate storage space. 

The cabinets meet specified height requirements and other specifications. In addition, doorless cabinets, adjustable shelves, revolving shelves, and motorized cabinets provide unmatched functionality and accessibility.

Accessible Flooring

Prevent slip and fall accidents with high-slip-resistant flooring. In addition, we believe that the flooring in new or existing homes should promote wheelchair mobility. Hence, we help our clients choose suitable materials for their kitchen flooring.

People using crutches, wheelchairs, and walkers can navigate independently and confidently. Our high-traction floors are especially beneficial for vision-impaired residents.

Layout Redesign and Ramp Installations

Our experts have extensive experience handling ADA-compliant kitchen transformation projects. Both kitchens for retrofits and new construction projects call for disability-friendly layouts. We prioritize ease of mobility and clearance to guarantee unobstructed access. Choose high-traction wheelchair ramps if the disabled individual uses a wheelchair. 

Depending on how accessible your kitchen is, you may also need doorway enlargement services. Our layout designs and doorway designs allow easy entry, exit, and steering of wheelchairs. In addition, our specialists study your window and door measurements to create personalized solutions. The installation of grab bars and handles, for example, on a window frame enhances safety and convenience.

Installation of Accessible Sinks and Countertops

Unobstructed, clearance-friendly sinks with efficient faucet controls are ideal for disabled residents. W position sinks and countertops intelligently to improve functionality and mobility. In addition, our high-accessibility sinks and countertops have ample knee space beneath them. 

The disabled individual can perform simple, routine tasks like cooking, washing, and cleaning without any problem. Sink installations with base cabinets allow for better accessibility. Our accessible sinks and countertops foster independent functioning. 

Installation of Accessible Appliances

We pay special attention to appliance positioning and design. Accessible, energy-efficient appliances enhance safety and minimize energy costs. Whether the project is a kitchen for retrofits or new construction, we evaluate clients’ specific safety and accessibility requirements.

Client safety and comfort are our highest goals. We accomplish this by choosing and installing high-quality appliances at the optimal height. In addition, our top-rated team evaluates if refrigerators, dishwashers, and other electrical systems meet ADA requirements. 

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